Timeline and Deadlines

Deadline for submitting abstracts: 3rd of APRIL 2022. The abstracts will be uploaded on the conference site. User registration will be required.

Deadline for submitting papers: 26th of JUNE 2022. Papers will be uploaded on the conference site, or submitted by email at conference.academos@snspa.ro

The fee of 150 Euro or the equivalent in RON or USD must be paid in one of the following bank accounts:

Beneficiary: Faculty of Political Sciences, National University of Political Studies and Public Administration

EURO: RO15BRDE445SV18989544450, BRD Victoriei

USD: RO67BRDE445SV22354404450, BRD Victoriei

RON: RO85BRDE445SV18989114450, BRD Victoriei

The currency rate for USD or RON is the one that the Romanian National Bank (www.bnr.ro) proposes in the payment date.

At payment details please note: ACADEMOS CONFERENCE [AUTHOR_NAME]